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Commercial Electricians Sydney

Commercial Electrical services are quite different to general electrical needs.  They require a greater degree of consultation and more planning in order to incorporate the various complex factors at play.  There is also a greater skill set needed by professionals who undertake this type of service.

Commercial electricians are essentially responsible for wiring the instruments that control the power, lighting, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units in commercial buildings.

Premium Electricians in Sydney

They perform a range of services including the installation, repair & maintenance, and testing of electrical and communication systems, in businesses or public facilities such as; restaurants, retail outlets, shopping centres, schools and hospitals.

It is therefore vitally important that commercial electrical services are not only carried out by fully trained professionals, but also by a business that has the breadth and scope to incorporate the various factors at play in a particular commercial project.

Your Valued Partner For Commercial Electrical Work 

Here at Future Electric Services were a company you can rely on and trust. We’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and have built a solid reputation as a reputable company with strong links to the community.

Unlike some of our competitors who are more interested in making a quick buck, we’re passionate about what we do and are committed to meeting our customers’ needs.  We’re not concerned with quick fixes, but more focused on building strong relationships with our customers, knowing they can turn to us to meet any of their commercial electrical needs.

Why Are We Sydney’s Leading Commercial Electrical Contractors? 

Being in the business for so long, Future Electric Services has built the breath and knowledge to handle your commercial electrical needs. Our electricians are highly qualified in working with security and communications systems, the installation of commercial lighting, and the testing of commercial electrical equipment in order to ensure it meets Australian Standards.

We also have the valuable experience of working during the installation phase of new buildings and commercial projects.

When it comes to licencing/accreditation, insurance and knowledge of local codes we’ve got you covered.

Future Electric Services is fully certified by Fairwork in order to perform commercial electrical work.

We have comprehensive public liability insurance to ensure that no injuries or damage to property will be incurred at your expense. Additionally we have worked on a number of commercial projects, so have extensive knowledge of the local market. This will avoid any potential expensive reworks or council fines, to your business if things aren’t up to code.

Professional Team

Behind every high quality electrical job we perform stands a team of professionals. Our electricians at Future Electric Services are fully licensed and strictly comply with all Workplace Health and Safety Standards.

Our friendly electricians are experts in the field and will closely work with you to ensure you’re getting the best possible solution for your electrical needs, with the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

With us you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that we can efficiently address not only your current, but any of your future electrical needs.

Open and Honest Pricing

As part of being a trusted reputable company, we take great pride in being open and honest with our customers. For all our services we provide you with up-front pricing with no hidden costs, with us there are no surprises.

In particular for your commercial electrical needs, we’ll make sure we take you through the scope and price of every facet of your project.

Here at Future Electric Services we offer comprehensive commercial electrical services.

Our business has the breadth and scope to handle the most complex of commercial projects, and our professional electricians have valuable experience in the installation and maintenance of commercial electrical equipment in order to ensure it meets Australian Standards.

If you’re ready to discuss any of your commercial electrical needs or would like a free quote, feel free to contact us.

“ We used future electric services to install our downlights for three different rooms. We were very impressed with the standard of the work and how quick the job was completed! The advice and explanation of alternative methods to complete the job, allowed us to save money and have the lights arranged better than we planned. I highly recommend future electric services to people who are looking for reasonable pricing and fast services!”
Joelle K.
“ I have requested to upgrade a switch board and few power points to Future Electric Service and charges were entirely reasonable considering the professional standards and efficiency of his work. His advice also saved me money when he explained the various ways in which some jobs could be done. I personally recommend everyone to use this service.”
Bilal M.
“ As a business women and full time mother I have no time for delays. I had noticed that my children had pulled out my work phone from the wall and damaged it. I had no time to go searching for an electrician. Luckily my co-worker had pointed out how great Future Electric Services were. I called them and in the same day I had them in my home, with the problem fixed. They saved me so much trouble and I’m thankful for them. Very highly recommended”
Amanda T.
“ Gave this company a call to do work at my place, well what can i say best customer service, work was done neatly and professional they also cleaned up the place and left it neat and tidy i highly recommend this company for any work needed around ur house”
Paul Y.
“ I was surprised by how fast this company responded to my query, the technician they sent out was punctual and gave a free quote after shopping around I found the price to be very competitive. I would recommend this company to anyone needing electrical work done around the house.”
Robin J.
“ As a single mum i find it hard to do things around the house that involve electricity. I struggled many days to try and find a electrician to help me to fix my washing machine. I got in contact with Future Electric Services and I was so thankful for their cooperation. They came on short notice and fixed the problem. Definitely recommend them”
Hoki B.
“ We called future electric services to upgrade our switch board and install downlights, the customer service was outstanding and the job was done in half a day, highly recommended”
Christine E.
“ I was experiencing problems with my switch board for quite a while, already had one electrician come around who quoted me something rediculous and told me I had to wait a few days until they could send someone out again to fix it. I called future electrics the same day and within hours my switch board was fixed. Great fast and effective service.”
Rhiannon J.
“ We used Future Electric Services for the first time to install a video intercom and outdoor speakers, and to move TV points and a light fitting. The job was completed on the weekend at short notice and their prices were extremely competitive. We were very happy with the standard of the work and the customer service was excellent. Well definitely use Future Electrics again.”
Alex P.
“ I was amazed by the quality work that Future electric services provided. They were quick, happy, and easy going. They handled my job so quickly when all other electricians had no time. I’ll be sure to have them as my new electricians. Recommended!”
Shimona S.