Commercial Electricians: Why Are They Different?

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You may think that one electrician is the same as the next, but when it comes to the type of work and complexity of projects that each can handle, they’re actually worlds apart.

It’s important to make a distinction between a residential and commercial electrician, in order to determine whether they are capable of effectively undertaking a particular job at hand, and see if they’re a good fit for your unique electrical needs.

Here at Future Electrical Services, we’re experts in the field. We’ve got extensive experience across residential, commercial and industrial electrical sectors. In this blog we’ll explore some key differences between each type of electrician, and why you might want a certain type around for your next project.

Strong Understanding of Commercial Building Structures

Generally commercial electricians have a greater skillet and are able to work in a wider range of environments when compared to residential electricians. They are essentially responsible for wiring the instruments that control the power, lighting, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units in commercial buildings.

They perform a range of services including the installation, repair & maintenance, and testing of electrical and communication systems, in businesses or public facilities such as; restaurants, retail outlets, shopping centres, schools and hospitals.

Being exposed to such a greater range of working environments, commercial electricians have gained the expertise to understand the unique infrastructure requirements of a particular property, and know exactly which relevant electrical guidelines that must be applied.

For example, a heritage listed building contains a legacy electrical framework requiring careful consideration not to disrupt existing connections and safeguard the integrity of the system.
Whereas a restaurant has a much greater electricity intake requiring a greater spread of outlets capable of supporting commercial kitchen equipment.

In either of these scenarios, a commercial electrician has the valuable expertise required to know exactly where to lay down cabling, in order to minimise any potential risk or outages, but also ensure the property is able to cope with its current and future electrical demands.

Trained To Work with Commercial Environment

Another key difference with a commercial electrician is their awareness and ability to operate in a wider range of environments. As part of their comprehensive training program, a commercial electrician gains an understanding of just how important it is to keep a business open and operating as close to normal when undertaking electrical work.
Any extended electrical disruptions or outages will not only cause an inconvenience, but will also affect a commercial business’ bottom line. As such any required electrical work undertaken in conjunction with normal business operations, will be performed with the aim of eliminating or minimising any potential downtime to the business. If electrical work with the likelihood that it will disrupt operations is required, this type of work will be undertaken outside of a business’ normal operational hours.

Safety is still front of mind, but a commercial electrician will have the breadth of knowledge to effectively carry out the electrical work, while ensuring the business is operating as close to normal operations as possible.

Sound Business Acumen

Lastly a commercial electrician not only has a greater breadth of electrical expertise, but they also have a sound commercial understanding, in being able to assess which electrical solution can best solve a particular business problem.

For example different business environments require different electrical solutions; i.e. a lounge area in a RSL needs to be as comfortable as possible so will require soft mood lighting, a restaurant with a feature wall or fountain display needs to draw attention, so requires the right angle and lighting product to bring it front of mind, similarly an industrial premises with high electricity usage, can benefit greatly with energy efficient products and timed features to save on overall utility running costs.

Additionally a commercial electrician has the expertise and understanding to safeguard and protect a business in the case of unexpected power outages. Blackouts and other unforeseen circumstances can have a major effect on a business (i.e. loss of refrigerated stock), a commercial electrician can install emergency power back-ups such as UPSs and Automatic generators which provide an invaluable line of protection.

A commercial electrician is uniquely positioned to understand the particular business need of a project, and then find the best possible electrical solution that will provide the most benefit.

Selecting the right type of electrician for your project is not a decision to be taken lightly. Careful consideration must be given in order to select a type that has the knowledge and expertise to meet your particular electrical needs.

Generally commercial electricians when compared to residential electricians have a greater skillet and are able to operate in a wider range of environments As such they possess the ability to pair electrical expertise with sound commercial understanding.

They’re able to apply the appropriate electrical guidelines to a particular building infrastructure, minimise any possible downtime to keep a business running, and recommend an electrical solution to meet a particular commercial need.

If you’re looking for a commercial electrician for your next project, here at Future Electrical Services we have the breadth of knowledge and expertise to meet your needs. We have extensive experience in commercial electrical work, and can provide you with a customised electrical solution that will fully maximise your commercial endeavours.

For any type of electrical project, big or small, why not contact us today.

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